Going back 100 years, will our bodies thank us? Clean eating, preservation and all natural. I think so……

I started changing the way we eat many years ago, due to dietary needs of my oldest daughter. She needed less processed foods to help her mind heal. I have canned on a very small scale for years. Homemade jam, applesauce, stewed tomatoes, canned tuna, deer and elk in the freezer, raise our own pigs for butcher, smoke our own jerky, etc……you know the drill. But about a year ago, it seemed to gain momentum. I started picking my own berries, drying onions and the list goes on. Food preservation was always on my mind. Cook a pot of soup for dinner, can the left overs. Fruit about to go bad in the basket, freeze it. Waste went down, scraps went to the chickens. My stockpile was growing and my mind started seeing the benefits.

Benefits……yes, but was I becoming a conspiracy theorist? Ya know, these……..It starts with chickens from the farm store……that one? If you haven’t heard it, here ya go…….

Chickens are the gateway drug to conspiracy theories. It starts when you get your first cute little chicks from the feed store. Take them home, give them a heated brood, wait patiently for about 3 months…..They grow into dirty chickens, but then they start giving back. The egg. They taste so much better, the color is darker, but why? Everyone wonders, everyone has theories, but heck we aren’t Ag scientists. What do we know? A lot, we are chicken farmers now.

So we start questioning other things as our homestead grows. We see the benefits of the changes we are making, eating from scratch, removing inflammatory ingredients from our diets, buying less from the store and making more of our own….have you ever looked at the ingredients in store bought bread…..YUCK!! So then the rabbit hole of healthy bread alternatives. Man you can get down a lot of those when you start wondering about your health and why we are the unhealthiest society ever.

That’s what got me here, what are all these food and nutrition companies trying to sell us. Even the ones that claim to be health foods. Didn’t God make everything is this world for our consumption? So maybe we need to get back to eating from the earth and remove all the chemicals, refined foods and preservatives. Figure out what our bodies respond well too and allow these miraculous creations the heal themselves. So that’s where I find myself, one of those that the memes talk about. It all was rekindled as an adult when we got chickens…..the gateway drug. lol.

One of my latest passions is bread…….Sprouted and Sourdough currently. The top two healthiest breads from what I have read. My body tells me the same. Well, sourdough, where to begin…..you need a starter. You can buy it from another homesteader or do it yourself. Well, if you read our introduction, you know we are a do it yourself kinda family. So I have my own robust sourdough starter and its AWESOME. Feed it once a week on Friday so its ready for my weekend baking. One week from birth to being ready to use. One week from dependent on the grocery store to starting healing. One week from…..well you know……

Do you want to go on this health journey with me? Let’s get our bake on!!!!