What has my journey looked like? Where am I today?…..I’ll tell you about my path.

Welcome to my little place of heaven. Join me on my journey of learning and becoming all that God wants for me. I always felt that I might have been born in the wrong century. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the modern conveniences, but they just seem to over complicate life a little. I want to get back to a simpler way of living. I want to be less dependent on the modern way of life and get back to our roots. The tried and true methods of living. The way of life that God made for us so many years ago.

I am a Christian wife and mother of 2 wonderful girls. My family has always lived a somewhat country life. I grew up in a rodeo family. My momma was a barrel racer, horse trainer and supporter of her champion steer wrestler husband. She came from a family of cutting horse trainers. My dad, from Oklahoma and in a military family moved a lot in his younger years. When they finally settled in a little western coastal town, he was able to get back to his rodeo roots. He was a bareback rider in his twenties and really found his calling as a team roper and steer wrestler. My momma and him traveled the northwest rodeoing my whole life.

Being the independent baby of the family, I left the rodeo life when I moved out on my own. It was an expensive lifestyle that I did not have the means to support. Funny thing was, I didn’t completely leave it behind. All my close friends still rodeoed. I went to local shows when I found the time. But being on the sidelines was hard.

I met my husband while out with some friends after the local winter night rodeo. We dated for a few years before we decided to get married. We started our family quickly with our first daughter. When she was about 3, Grammy and Papa, had to get her first pony and we were right back in the world I had left for so long. So off to the youth rodeos we went……the whole family, little sister too. After a few years, the atmosphere of the youth rodeo world had worn on me. It wasn’t the same as I had remembered. It wasn’t the world I wanted to subject my girls to. So we went home. They rode their horses on our property, gaining the skills and knowledge of how to care for and use them.

Life flew by in a blur, as raising a child with special needs became our world. As our oldest grew up, it became a whirlwind of doctors, psychologists, sped teachers, and everything that goes along with raising a child that doesn’t fit the mold. We always raised her with the same expectations of our other daughter, just teaching her that she would have to find a different path to the same result. Finding her way has been a blessing, a challenge, an adventure. The more we learned, the simpler our life became. The more time we spent on our little ranch(a whopping 2.5 acres), learning real life skills and making our own way.

So here we are, our youngest is getting ready to start her own path and we are looking to our future and what it holds for us. The world around us is changing in a way that I never thought I would live to see. The more it changes, to more we are drawn to that simple life. A life of self-sufficiency.

This is our journey.

The journey to 90…..here we go!!!